Kristen D. Eats The World: Um Jammer Lammy (1999)

(Originally Posted 6/4/13)


A Review by Kristen Dowd

Ah yes, my favorite videogame of all time. Why, you may ask, is it my favorite game?

Is it the best game ever made? No. Not even close.

Does it have the best graphics? No, it looks good but it’s what you expect from the original Playstation.

Is the gameplay perfect? No, the gameplay can be a bit annoying at times.

So why do I like it so much?

Honestly this game come around at a really bad point in my social life. That whole awkward High School phase, though for me it was more violent than I would have preferred. That whole year was extremely eye opening and started me on the path to become the person I am today. The game offered a place for me to disappear to when I needed it the most and it will always hold a special place in my heart.


I have been a gamer since I can remember, but there was a period were that took a backseat and I wasn’t keeping up with things. My Dad ended up getting his hands on a PS Demo CD (remember those?!) that had a demo of Parappa the Rapper. I gave it a try and ended up liking it a lot. As much as I enjoyed it, we never picked up the full game and I forgot about it. A few months later I was reading a game mag that had a advertisement for Lammy. I hadn’t heard of it since the internet wasn’t the end all be all at the time. I immediately went to EB to get a copy and was hooked from the opening cinematic.

Lammy was like the Guitar Hero/Rock Band of the late 90’s if you will. No, you couldn’t download and play songs not on the soundtrack, but with such a fun one there isn’t a real need. The game plays basically like this, you have control of Lammy – the jittery left-handed guitarist for the game’s fictional all girl band Milkcan. The goal is to get to the band’s first big gig on time. Along the way, Lammy is stopped by various characters from her world who won’t allow her to move forward until she impresses them with her sweet licks. You pick up cool add ons for your guitar along the way like a Wah Wah.


It’s pretty simple. You hit the buttons on the controller that correspond with the ones playing on the screen. There is a meter that shows how you’re doing with the best being Cool and the worst being Awful. And this is where my only real problem with the game happens. The controls are iffy at times. If you press buttons all willy nilly or even if you follow the on screen prompts exactly you can still fail out. This royally pissed me off anytime I made it to the 2nd, 3rd, and sometimes on the 7th stage. So at times you get past a stage on luck. Aside from that, I really can’t complain about anything else.

It isn’t the longest game, if I played it straight I could get through it in an hour and a half. But they make up for it by having unlockables such as Two Player Mode and the game with Parappa doing the songs. So you really get two soundtracks for the price of one. If you never played the game and don’t have a PS/PS2, the game is available on the Playstation Network for downloading and I highly recommend it as a party game.

I love it so much I have it forever etched into my backside. What more endorsement could I give it?:



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