Kristen D. Eats The World: The Steve Wilkos Show (2007)

(Originally Posted 7/23/12)


A Review by Kristen Dowd

I watched Jerry Springer a lot when I was a kid. During that time, the famed fist fights were still allowed so that gave the show a special kind of impact (ha) with me. Like The Simpsons, I had pretty much seen every single episode from the inception of the show up until around ’05. Then I became disinterested in day time television as a whole. A lot of shows I liked had either come to an end or like Springer had become stale.

A few years later I read that Springer‘s main man, Steve Wilkos, was getting his own show. I had remembered the couple of episodes of Springer Steve had hosted and I decided to check it out but I didn’t expect it to last long. Well I was proven wrong. The show is about to enter in it’s sixth season and even though Steve has changed up his approach since the first few seasons, it’s still incredibly entertaining.


‘Hi, I’m Steve Wilkos and I’m gonna punch you in the balls’

For those unfamiliar with The ‘Kos, as I’ve affectionately come to call him, I’ll give you a bit of a background rundown. Mr. Wilkos is probably most known for his role as head security guard on Jerry Springer. He is also a former Chicago police officer and a Marine.

The basic format of an episode sees Steve bring out a guest, who tells their story. If they are being accused of anything scummy like child/spousal abuse and things of the like he makes them stand till proven innocent. If they are indeed guilty (truth found out via lie detector test) Steve gets in their faces, or throws chairs. It isn’t as trashy as other shows like it, but you will probably still feel better about yourself after watching it.

Some may see Steve as some high and mighty jack off who thinks he knows everything but I can tell he actually cares about the people on his show that aren’t dick heads. I don’t know, little bit of a guilty pleasure but I would recommend you see at least one episode. Preferably from season one.



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